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Bend Oregon Trails

Tuesday, April 2, 2019   /   by Paul Frazier

Bend Oregon Trails

If trails are what you want, Bend Oregon will get you going


In the area of Central Oregon, there is a type of season called “Spring – ter” as locals freely call it. Basically, it is actually Spring time but in this particular area, there are likely chances of warm, sunny, cold or even snowy weather. The weather here in Central Oregon goes to extremes on both ends of the climate thus the name Spring-ter. But regardless of the weather, Central, Oregon locals go out whenever they like and that’s how the norm is. Do you want to know why locals like to go out for walks in Bend Oregon despite the unpredictable weather? Let’s find out more.


Locals call Bend Oregon home because of its literally homey feel. The views all over are spectacular to the point of being unique and iconic. Each trail gives you a unique ambiance and feeling with a wide range of sceneries that ranges from mountains, rivers, wood lands, forest lands, and even transcends to wonderful waterfalls that are surely a sight to see. Each of them will offer a unique charm, majestic ambiance, wonderful personality whenever you walk out on their trail, hike on it or even run on it. No matter how many times you use the same trail for anything you do, it will never get old as nature always has something unique in store for you.

Bend Oregon is a trail seeker friendly town. The town is covering 65+ miles of managed trail thus new adventure awaits for anyone who would want to divulge in. And if 65+ miles is not enough for you, there are hundreds more that can be explored all throughout Central Oregon. But just a simple reminder, always be on the lookout for exercising trail etiquette. Locals in Bend Oregon are seriously implementing trail etiquette all over town so make sure you abide with this before going outside. 

The Deschutes River Trail is a widely popular trail among the locals and tourists alike. This is due to the fact that it houses different starting points that anyone can choose from and go along for a mile to up to 10+ miles of the whole trail. Any which way you start, the scenery does not disappoint. Also, the best thing on this trail is that it is the main venue for connecting to other trail networks around town. After Deschutes River Trail, you can head on to the Old Mill District shopping area then ultimately head on to the middle of the woods. More so, you can also do a quick 3 mile circle going to Farewell Bend Park which is along the river, and then you can head back to the Old Mill Area / Riverbend Park afterwards.

Even when the town is covered with snow, trailing in Bend Oregon won’t disappoint. Just need to strap on your snowshoes and do some mountain explorations or even while just in town. Since the climate in Bend Oregon can go up to extremes particularly during heavy snowfall, make sure that you are wearing the correct gear in order for you to enjoy a choice of peaceful, heart pounding or snowy adventures type of a trail hike. 

And for those adventurers who dare to find new trails on their own, Bend has plenty of tracks less traveled free for you to discover. And if ever you don’t have proper equipment for your adventure, there are plenty of retails stores that offer equipment rental as well as selling of trail maps. There are also some establishments and groups that also offer guided tours specifically during daytime and sometimes even overnight.

For bikers, Bend Oregon has plenty of bike friendly trails to choose from. And they are available all year long. A total of more than 300 miles of single track will be available for every biker that are scattered all throughout the Sisters to Prineville, Sunriver to Bend and even extends to Redmond. This plethora of trails will be yours for the taking when you are in Bend Oregon.

Bend Oregon is truly an adventurer’s paradise. Just by merely going out of your own comforts of your own home, one will enjoy its natural richness and unique ambiance fit for a short hike, a long trail or a quick bike ride. Now wonder why the locals truly love this place. If you are an adventurous person who are always in the look for hitting the trails and embraces the outdoor lifestyle, you might want to consider moving to Bend Oregon because surely you also love it.

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